How to Roll Over Vacation Hours

**When Creating the VERY FIRST check for an Employee you need to update the “Vacation hours Earned” field to include the total for the last year and the current year**

  1. Go to File→ Open Company.
  2. Choose your company.
  3. Click→ OK.Title Menu
  4. Go to Employees.
  5. Choose an Employee.
  6. Click on Edit.
  7. Click→ Next, until “Vacation and sick hours settings” appears.
  8. Enter the maximum vacation hours earned per year, including accumulated vacation hours.employe set up 
  9. Click → Next, until Finish appears.
  10. When it comes to the very first check you want to enter in the maximum hours earned when creating the check.
  11. If you are adding the vacation hours half way through the year make sure you enter in the vacation hours in the most recent check that you are creating.
  12. Then Click okay.check vacation hours