How to Email a Paystub

  1. Go to File→ Open Company.
  2. Choose your company.
  3. Click→ OK.Title Menu
  4. Click on the Reports tabs in the bottom left corner.
  5. Click → “Check Printing”.Reports
  6. Click on “Specify Checks to Print”.Specify
  7. Choose a Begin and End PAY DATE for the Paystub.
  8. Check the box “Print Pay Stubs Only”.
  9. Select ONLY ONE employee to print out a paystub for.
  10. Click on the OK button on the bottom left corner.Checks
  11. Now Click on “Preview-Export Checks”.preview
  12. Once the Preview of the Paystub appears, go to FILE → EXPORT→PDF.PDF
  13. Select a location you want to save the Paystubs.

*Repeat Steps 6 through 13 for each employee*

**Once done create an email and attach the PDF**