How to Create a Year To Date for Hourly Paid Employees

Payroll Mate will allow you to go back to the first of the year to recreate payroll.  You can also create a dummy check for each quarter for each employee, dating the check for the end of the quarter so it will not affect your 941.  If you decide you want to lump checks for the quarter, you will need to know your YTD totals and you can override any calculation that Payroll Mate generated.   Keep in mind that you may want to lump each month separately due to 941 purposes.

This tutorial will show you how to do so.


Summary of Steps

This is just a summary; please click “Download Tutorial” for detailed instructions with screenshots.

  • Recreate each check, see creating a new check.
  • Create one check per quarter.
  • Create a YTD check by clicking on checks and selecting new on the toolbar.
  • Set the payroll period begin dates to the first day of the quarter and the last day of the quarter.
  • Set the pay date to the last day of the quarter.
  • Enter the total hours for the quarter.
  • Enter the taxes and deductions for the quarter.
  • Click → OK