How to Use Illinois State Reporting

 Payroll  Mate has the ability to create the form “Illinois Unemployment Insurance” and “Illinois Withholding Income Tax”.

This part of Payroll Mate is option 5 “State Payroll Reporting”.

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 This is a tuitoral on how to use the IL state reporting option in our payroll program. 



Summary of Steps

This is just a summary; please click “Download Tutorial” for detailed instructions with screenshots.

  • Go to File → Open Company.
  • Select the company you want to open.
  • Click → OK
  • Go to Forms and Click State Reporting.
  • Click next in the wizard and choose Illinois.
  • Choose the quarter and the type of form from the list.
  • Click next and choose the reporting method you prefer, from the list.
  • Click next and enter applicable values.
  • Click next and choose the employees to include in the report.
  • Click next and print the report or select the location to save the file depending on the reporting method selected.
  • Read the electronic filing instructions and preview/print.
  • Send the electronic file (if applicable).